Feb 12, 2015

Violence in the flowers where they found you

Hey everyone! Yes, my hair is currently blue :) I used Manic Panic's Bad Boy Blue mixed with their pastelizer, but it came out darker and brighter than I expected. Although this wasn't the color I had in mind, it's still interesting, no? 

I thought this outfit was a fun take on primary colors since none of the shades fit exactly under red, blue or yellow. The blue jeans are like a cloudy blue, and the yellow top is an obnoxious mustard while my hat is a bubblegum pink. It's no surprise that when I go shopping, my eyes are instantly attracted to the most colorful items. 

Shirt: thrifted | Jeans: Nasty Gal | Shoes: New Balance | Hat: hand knitted

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  1. Haha, I live for colors, they make my life more joyous! :D Adore the new hair color, glad to see you haven't abandoned the bloggy! The mustard and blue are a perfect crazy match! :D


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