Oct 13, 2014

The cool kids

This Columbus weekend was very productively spent at Seaside Heights, NJ. I have a microeconomics test and english presentation tomorrow so I have been hitting the books. In between studying, I've been to the Columbus Day parade, pumpkin carving, shopping for my Halloween costume and watching ANTM. These spontaneous pictures were taken on the beach while waiting for the parade to begin. Huge shout out to my most favorite people in the world<3 Thanks for dealing with my craziness!- Amy, Jo, Kate :)

Sep 27, 2014

Boy, don't hurt your brain/ Thinking what you're gonna say

Forgot to post these pictures from a few weeks ago. Jo, Amy and I went to the Japanese food festival and then lined up to see Banks in Nolita. Her voice was even more stunning live! 

Shirt: American Apparel | Overall dress: Pixiemarket | Shoes: Topshop

Sep 4, 2014

Do i have to write it on your bedroom wall?

Hey! Still here. I started my fall semester, senior year of college last week and I'm stoked about receiving new syllabuses and the slow transition into autumn- a fresh start. On Friday, I'm Grouponing with my bff then on Saturday I'm attending a Japan Block Fair and hopefully watching a performance by Banks in the LES (reference to the blog title). So many good things to look forward to :)

Shirt: H&M | Night gown: Vintage | Shorts: Forever21

Jul 7, 2014

Drink a cherry cola lime

Here's a compilation of beach attires, sunset moments, and sweet people I'm lucky to call my friends. As usually, my go-to beach is Coney Island, and Kate invited me to stay the weekend at her beach house in Seaside Heights, NJ. It was a fabulous, unforgettable weekend with friends<3 

 Bikini top: H&M for $4 omg | Shorts: thrifted

Dress: stolen from Kate

I call this look the exercising mermaid. 
Top: H&M | Shorts: flea market

May 16, 2014

Air Borne

Binge watching 'Law and Order' instead of studying for finals. :( Well...here's a quick outfit post:

Blouse: thrifted | Shorts: c/o Gypsy Warrior