Oct 29, 2014

Stole my mama's pearls

I've been attending to every free Hunter event especially since this is my senior year. I want this year to be the most meaningful and memorable. Last Friday night, Jo and I attended a live Halloween play by Hunter students that turned out to be more of a comedy. This Monday, we whisked away to a 1920's party hosted by the History Club. This event was super exciting because I read "The Great Gatsby" over the summer and was mesmerized with Leo's tragic love story. Inspired by the riches and glamour of the 20's, I didn't hold back on the pearls and extravagance for my outfit.

Blazer: street vendor | Dress: Rodarte for Target | Shoes: Dolce Vita


  1. I love the cute little slippers! they're a nice quirky touch :)


  2. omg! you look gorgeous at this look! :)



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