Jun 28, 2011


Officially finished with high school! Our school was so big we had to have two graduations, even though we have the second biggest auditorium of new york city. I wasn't able to graduate with some of the people I was really close to or people who I've made great memories with, but I would never forget all the great times I've had at Tech. Will always miss the 9 stories tall building, the Hall of Fame, our school pride, students protesting against short shorts, the Senior Days, and the great friends that I've made. In ten years we'll have our reunion in 2021. I wonder how different or similar we'll be. Some of us would be married and maybe even have kids! Would I still have this blog? Things could be completely different. But I would never forget anybody or the times you've made me laugh or cry or both at the same time.

Dress and Rings: Forever 21
Shoes: DSW (forgot which brand)
bracelet: wink and flip

went to baskin robbins to celebrate =)

Vitamin C-Graduation (Friends Forever)

The end.

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