Aug 28, 2011


Tried on the deepest shade of lipstick I had. I must admit that it could have been darker. I don't know how people manage to look good in dark lips.

Usually my sister takes my pictures for me and since she wasn't there that day, I had to improvise. I had to stack books on top of each other on my table so that the camera could be leveled with me. Sigh, of the 40 pictures that I took on my timed camera, only about 5 of them came out decent. And I still couldn't get a full body shot. I'm such a fail....

And then there was one that came out unusually bright:

Sweater: Gap 
Corduroy Pants: Forever21
Pretty Mystical Necklace: Jewelmint

There are so many underrated songs that's just waiting to be discovered. This is one of my favorites:(Caution!! After listening to it, you might not be able to get the song out of your head for days!!)



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  1. god I love your necklace :D! Perfection.

    xxx irinja (


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