Nov 11, 2011

11.11.11- Coca- Cola Chicken Wings

I was shocked when my aunt first made these chicken wings for me. The first bite was heavenly- like a vampire's first bite. I do have a small obsessions with vampires, even when I am writing about chicken wings. Check out my vampire costume below! The magic secret to these saucy chicken wings is- Coke! This dish is absolutely delicious. Surprisingly not a lot of people know about it. Recipe right HERE.

Do it now!


  1. awww the chicken wing look nyummyy!! make me hungry
    follow me if you love and i'll follow you back :)

  2. Coca Cola chicken wings?? My boyfriend will LOVE this, I'll have to try it at some point over our christmas break

    Thank you for sharing xx

  3. These wings looks amazing! :)
    I'm hungry now! :P



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