Dec 30, 2011

Downtown Yarns

Discovered this place in LES near my middle school. It's perfect! I love walking into new yarn stores. So many different shades and textures to choose from for your new project!!

Loving their 'seaside theme' for window display:

 blue buttons, red buttons, flower buttons, oval buttons, train buttons, vintage buttons..... buttons galore!

hand made items are a million times more precious than department goods.

yes, it's a dragon.


  1. ohhhhhh I wanted to start knitting but I feel like it's gonna get warm by the time I'm done.. Maybe nxt winter :P LOL

  2. Such a cute store!

  3. omg~! this is so nice~! love the knitted poncho and dress~ ^^ i think they're very expensive lolol

  4. love your blog!

  5. those knitted clothes look pretty! love that knitted green dress (:

  6. Wow, so many pretty buttons !!! I love finding little shops like this
    Robyn xoxo

  7. wow so many great colours!!
    just followed ur blog its great!


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