Mar 10, 2012

Traditional Thailand Wedding

Today was my first time attending a wedding inside a traditional temple. Although the outside of the building seemed ordinary, as soon as you stepped in, there were golden statues of gods and goddesses. I love the feeling of surrounded by a completely different environment.


I wore the dress I received from the Modcloth's Stylish Surprise along with H&M cardigan

The bride baked her own wedding cake. Heavenly...

Congratulations to Cheng and David. Wish you guys the best! 


  1. Must have been a great wedding. I have never been to a wedding inside a temple before. Those food look delicious.

  2. Lindo blog, yo estoy dandome a conocer Beso grande!

  3. Yummy yummy!!

  4. you look lovely^^ and the noms look deliciousssss :D


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