Mar 28, 2012

We play victim with such conviction

Have you ever thought of a really great Einstein-changing idea that might just change the world? These ideas are exploding in my head more than usual ever since I've created a blog and attended college. Recently I've thought of lanyard earrings! The one I'm wearing is made by my sister(she also strung beads onto the ends). it may not be as important as the invention of electricity, but it's still bedazzling *.*

Blouse: Anna Sui, thrifted; Shirt: no tag, thrifted; Shorts: H&M, cut it myself, Sandals: BCBG


  1. Like this casual look! And the earrings is amazing! thanks so much for visiting my blog and for live me a comment.


  2. hi sweetie,

    I have just discovered ur blog. Your blog is adorable, and interesting. I'm enjoy read your post, too. Lovely blog!

    Wanna follow each other?

    Have a nice day!

  3. Your shirt is super cute. love it!


  4. gah! perfect spring outfit you have here! love it!

    found the route

  5. Love your accessories!

  6. Ooooooooooohh!! I absolutely love that outfit!! Beautiful! I love H&M!


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