Jun 1, 2012

You are my sweetest downfall

Do you guys have anything planned for the summer? My summer bucket list:
1. finish reading 1984 (I have been reading this book for months now) 
2. fly away in a plane (possibly to a faraway galaxy)
3. finally learn how to swim (I know... how pathetic)
4. have a tie dye party (another one of my great ideas which involves inviting friends over to dye clothes)
5. have more DIY's (add lace and studs to everything!)

Shirt: Modcloth; Skirt: NastyGal; Shoes: DolceVita


  1. Cute :)
    Love the Skirt!

    Wish you a great Day!

  2. you look super pretty! and a tie dye party sounds so cool, i might have one myself! :DD

    rebecca x

  3. love all the look, you look so beautiful and i thanks so much for your sweet comment, hope you liked my blog :) xx

  4. That top is so perfect for eating fruit on a back patio on a hot summer day! And don't even get me started on those perfect flats.
    Good luck at learning how to swim!! Just doggy paddle, that's what I do ;)

  5. That's a pretty skirt. Looks nice on you. I haven't read 1984 yet.

    1. thank you! 1984 will make you question everything about society. It's a great read so far.

  6. You are so beautiful!
    Your outfits are so simple and colorful, i cant get enough.
    Nice summer list! I'd love to come over to dye clothes and diy everything... and reading, let along such an amazing book

    .... and thank you!

  7. I don't know how to swim to :p
    I like your blog. I'll follow you

  8. Gorgeous outfit, I love the colour of the shoes,stunning!
    Love your blog :)

    Stop by and visit mine sometime, I'd love to know what you think.
    Perhaps we could follow?

    Sophie xox

  9. You r so cute and pretty. fOLLOW YOUR BLOG. hope you check mine..Thank you :-) take care girl

  10. beautiful pictures! and great blog!


  11. Nice pictures! Thank you for commenting and visiting my blog! Like yours too! I follow you back on gfc! How about following each other on bloglovin too? Let me know once you do, that way I’ll follow you back! Waiting for you!




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