Jul 28, 2012

Paper Presentation

Yesterday I watched 'Brave' with my sisters at 19th street. The prices at this AMC theatre was cheaper and there weren't a lot of people watching it. Surprisingly Princess Merida didn't end up with any of the princes and the main story was the bond between the princess and the mother. On our way to the theatre, we discovered an arts and craft place at 23 West 18th Street called Paper Presentation. We spent centuries walking up and down the aisles checking out the unique 3D stickers. Here are some that I scooped up:


  1. OMG so many cute things! love the rainbows!

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  2. Love all things ! :3

    Beijinho ,
    Ana Catalarrana

  3. good finds, love the pins!!

    I went and watched Brave with six 8 year olds, none of them liked it lol

    Brooke x

  4. Nice blog, what about following each other?


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