Sep 9, 2012

Fashion Week at Soho

How is everyone's fashion week going? Got any great freebies or deals? I went straight to Soho after school to join the crowd. I first went to h&m in search of an MTV sweater that had run out of my size from another store. No luck finding it here either :( Then we headed towards Uniqlo who were serving saki--too bad I'm underaged. But luckily they were handing out chocorooms!!!! These are the most deliciousous chocolates in the whole entire universe! I read the ingredients when I came home and it said 36% saturated fat with three servings per box! oooh boi....

Shirt: AE; Sweater: Mocloth; Jeans: UO; Pumps: Nine West; Jewelry: oasap


  1. Such an awesome print sweater, and I just love that shade of purple on your jeans :)

    Trendy Teal

  2. Ohhh,wow! you sre so prety lady :)

  3. Adorable sweater and gorgeous shoes!

  4. Love this mix of wolly elegance and colorful grace! Amazing blog by the way!
    Material Fixations

  5. You look really cute...I am still loving the hair and I like the cat print on your sweater. RoRos World

  6. That sweater is awesome, cat prints are always awesome! (:

  7. l love your blog and you have amazing style!!
    Leally like cute sweater and gorgeous shoes <3
    Thanks for comment me and l am following you now!! :)

  8. omg... i love that outfit. i'm totally into burgundy jeans at the moment and that sweater is... just awesome! love your style!


  9. Hi Allie! :)
    Thanks by stoping my blog and following me, I'll do the same for you, sweetie!
    Hope you'll find some time and visit my blog again!
    btw. cute sweater! kisses :))

  10. You look fabulous . Love all the pieces ! :D
    About the earrings , I made them . On day they are available on my shop . ^^
    (sorry my english)

    xo ,
    Ana Catalarrana

  11. I love this look, from the cats on your sweater to your amazing shoes!

  12. OMG that sweater is the best thing ever!!
    I haven't been too much involved in Fashion Week. Maybe next year! The combination of school and being a bit broke have held me back this time. haha

  13. OH that JUMPER!! ~dies~ I adore animal prints SO MUCH it is unreal...I once found an amazing Boston terrier print dress when I was online shopping. Then I saw it was £400. I had to keep scrolling...:((

    1. I feel you, girl! happens too often :(

  14. Your pants are awesome and the sweater is pretty neat too ;) I love how you paired them together. Sounds like you had a fantastic time in soho. I've never even heard of this chocolate before though. If you say it's good, it must be goooood ;)

  15. I can't get enough of the buttoned collared shirt with sweaters! And your sweater is so freaking adorable!!

    <3 Jing

  16. Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  17. love the lamp at the end, and nice make up hun ;p

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  18. Great pictures, I love your nails :)

  19. Love your cat sweater :)

    Following back, dear*

  20. I love your cat jumper, you look fabulous :)


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