Aug 21, 2013

San Antonio//Part One

Hey ya'll! I flew to San Antonio, Texas over the weekend and had such a ethereal experience. It was not only my first plane ride but also my first time traveling far away from home with my friends.

Day 1: We visited the breathtaking Riverwalk which is minutes away from our hotel. There were several bridges scattered around the Riverwalk which reminded me of Central Park. Later that night, there was a wonderful performance at a stage on the Riverwalk. We had dinner at Denny's, which is literally across the street from the hotel. Classy, huh?

Day 2: We woke up bright and early and headed towards Seaworld. Their shows featured whales, dolphins, sea lions... And of course it was mandatory to go on a few water rides. I chickened out on the Great White Shark roller coaster and really regret it :( We left Seaworld and visited one of the biggest Mexican markets outside of Mexico- La Mercado. This place is filled with cultural diversity and I'm really glad I had the chance to be in the middle of it all.

Part Two coming up ;)

Shirt: H&M | Shorts: c/o Gypsy Warrior


  1. cool blog! great post!
    totally following u hun!
    Keep in touch<3

  2. It looks incredible, I would love to go on the boat ride along the river! xxx

    I left my heart in Miami

  3. I love all of the colors in this city! It looks like such a fun time :)

    fashion and tea

  4. ^_^ love these shots and your awesome shorts!


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