Sep 8, 2013


We saw this huge 'LOST' graffiti near the subway stop and it's the perfect word to describe me. I didn't belong in any cliques during high school and not even now in college. I've always been kind of a loner and sometimes I like being independent, but sometimes I just want to belong somewhere. #uglyduckling

Vintage dress: thrifted via goodwill (for $3, omgomg!) | Shirt: H&M | Bag: Billabong | Shoes: Topshop


  1. you look awesome, and these are perfect pics <3

  2. these graffitis are PERFECT. the photos are awesome.

  3. love the blonde! love the outfit! <3
    LOST graffiti... sounds like something I would write these days

  4. Haha the graffiti in the background totally makes the photos! Love the very first and very last pic! And your outfit rocks, great print mix!

  5. Oh dear you belong to here, in fashionistas clique and we all love you and your incredible style! You are so stylish and gorgeous ad I adore your style and blog! Xx

  6. wow i totally dig your skirt :)

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