Sep 17, 2013

Taste the rainbow, feel the rainbow

This is no Skittles commercial. Just a snippet of my multi-colored world :) There is something about fringe that makes me wanna dance. While donning loose fringe, I'll twirl down the sidewalk and unintentionally scare nearby pedestrians. This cropped fringe jacket from Tunnel Vision brings out my inner freestyle dancer. I call it freestyle because my dance moves are under no other category. Check out my instagram video here and I'll know what I mean :D

Floral dress: Modcloth | Jacket: Tunnel Vision Clothing | Flats: Modcloth


  1. Argh, you're so pretty ^_^ The jacket is awesome, and your floral dress is a dream!

  2. Love these!

  3. Jacket from tunnel vision = they are pure awesome!
    Love this yay!
    Followed you right back girl and on bloglovin'!

  4. pretty dress :)

  5. THIS place it's soooooo COOL, you're have a unique style, so lovely.


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