Oct 18, 2013

FIT collab PART 2

You must be wondering why my bra exposed in this picture....it's cause I left my tank top at home >.<  I also forgot my socks and my jewelry. But you have to work with what you got so here's part two! Blackmilk and Jeffrey Campbell seems to go hand in hand or rather, legs in feet. I also found out that my jacket looks ultra cool inside out, although it wasn't meant to be reversible. Sometimes things that weren't meant to be turns out to be even better.

(I was jumping in six inch heels but totally worth the pic)

Jacket: thrifted | Leggings: blackmilk | Boots: JC Tardy's

Model: Ya already know
Photographers: Eric & Joy
Stylist: Trisha & Me
Make-up: Lindsay Piegza
Hair Stylist: Linda Charran


Hai beautiful! Thanks for stopping by. Remember, "You can never be overdressed or overeducated"- Oscar Wilde