Oct 30, 2011

Museum of Natural History

We had to run to every floor because it closed earlier than I expected. But we still had a great time! We did think about hiding under the tables at the diner and have an adventure like 'Night at the Museum'. Wouldn't that be super awesome though?, doing whatever we wished with nobody around? I'll be climbing the stegosaurus bones, and throwing stuffed snakes around at the shop.

Before we left, we got to see 'Journey to the Stars', which was unfortunately not as good as the original star show, 'Cosmic Collisions'. Memories from elementary and middle school came rushing back. Here's some of the eye-raising things that I saw:

Giant Squid!

 Dinosaurs on the 4th floor

Asian Peoples on 3rd

One of the most enchanting and haunting things that I saw.

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