Jun 28, 2013

Victorian Summer

Five facts:
1. I can't swim :(
2. I WILL learn how to swim this summer 
3. I WILL swim across Barton Springs in Austin when I visit
4. I WILL out-swim all the zombies if there will ever be a Zombie Apocalypse (World War Z spooked me)
5. I WILL be singing Dory's "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming" in my head underwater

Lace top: Grey Dog Boutique | Gypsy Necklace: thrifted | Lime Shorts: F21


  1. I keep hearing all these reviews about World War Z you just made me want to see it more...and learn how to swim by the way your jewelry is so cute and I really like that top

    Deejay Speaks

    1. Read the book first! One of my favs<3

  2. Hahahah, zombies got nothing on you :D
    Have a great time swimming dear!

  3. Awesome thrifted necklace! So pretty<3

  4. cute facts haha :D
    really love your lace shirt :)

  5. Great outfit :D
    I love that shorts<3


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