Jul 6, 2013

Independence Day

I spent my July 4th in Brooklyn where I babysat my baby cousins whence making beef/mushroom/pepper kebabs for the barbeque. I had the wonderful idea of making smores for deserts, just heating the marshmallows over the grill! All is swell and good ;D The following pictures pretty much wrap up my day and are edited with VsCo Cam


  1. omg the first pic is like straightly from Vogue. You got it girl.

  2. I love the peekaboo patriotic prints in your pockets! And mmm, s'mores sounds so good right now!

  3. Wow I've just found out your blog and I love these pictures of you :)
    You look really cute !

    You're welcome to leave your feedback on my blog too !
    I keep visiting yours CIAOOO :)


  4. Love your outfit! Perfff 4th of July wear


  5. OMG your shorts are literally the best ever. WHERE ARE THEY FRRROM. Aslo i edit my pics on instagram with vscocam but do you have it on your computer ???? HOW ?

  6. you look amazing! love your shorts!
    and photos are beautiful!

    Kejmy ♥.


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